Monthly Archives: April 2015

1st Annual Art Exhibit at LAPMS at Niles

The 1st Annual Art Exhibit last April 20th was a great success!

The courtyard looked like an art gallery filled with a wide-variety of artwork from children ages 18 months through 6 years old.  From different kinds of lines and curves, scribbling, coloring, tearing of papers and pasting to the clay or wood sculpture are just incredible patterns and images when put together and that these artwork are creations from our own children.

Positive comments from parents and visitors who came to our Open House were our inspiration to serve and care for our children.

Congratulations to the children!  Keep up the good work!

Thank you to all parents and teachers for the patience and hardwork you put together to have this kind of event!

Earth Day at Niles

It’s Earth Day!  How did you celebrate Earth Day?  Here at Niles, the teachers taught a lesson across the curriculum about taking care of the planet earth and its environmental problems and issues.  There were classes that made pollution and reforestation posters.  The older children prepared a short skit on proper disposal of waste or garbage at school.

Thank you for the Earth Day idea from the late US Senator Nelson who launched this event in 1970.  Globally, people are benefiting a lot from it.

1st Annual Science Fair

Science Fair at Niles happened yesterday.  Science Fair participants started registering their projects with smiles and excitement on their faces.  The courtyard was filled with colorful display boards and projects from rooms 2,3,4 and 5 children.  Tables were adorned with souvenir items, giant books on display, and a remarkable array of science materials, from little creatures such as insects to specimen, displays such as rattlesnake skin, sea sponges and bones of animals.  One of the highlights of this science fair was the hands-on table where students were able to view slides under the microscope.  The raffle added more excitement to the participants.  Whenever a ticket was about to be picked, the crowd held their breath as everyone anticipated their ticket numbers to be picked.  The parents took pictures and video while their child presented the experiment.

All the hard work and effort from each LAPMS family, every participant, and the LAPMS team made this science fair event a memorable and educational experience not only for our young children, but the parents as well.

Great participation for all!  Parent involvement at our school is A+.

Art exhibit

Art Exhibit is coming! The children started submitting their artwork today.  The courtyard will be filled in with beautifully created and crafted art projects by our young innovators and artists at Niles.

Parents are welcome to view the artwork on Monday, April, 20, 2015 at 3:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. in the courtyard.

We are proud of our parents and children to be a part of our BIG FAMILY!  LAPMS Niles Family!