Dear LAPMS Niles Families and Friends,

Our Annual Talent Show this morning was a great success! Thank you for coming to watch our children perform. Each of the groups performed wonderfully! It was amazing to witness how happy and proud all the parents were while watching their children perform.

The children showcased a variety of talents and skills—from story reading, playing the piano, and a magic show, to playing the harmonica, tabla performance, poetry, and singing and dancing, parents enjoyed a lively and colorful show!

Congratulations to our LAPMS parents for encouraging your children to participate in this year’s talent show, and for taking the time to rehearse with your child. It is because of your unending support that our events are successful!

Tomorrow, February 26th, our talent show performers will have an encore performance for their classmates. Please ensure that your child brings his/her instruments, props, or music for the encore performance.

Have a wonderful day!