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Hello October

Welcome to the month of October! This month we are looking forward to lots of fun activities! To start the month of, we are taking our school pictures.  We are also preparing for the Halloween activities.  Our kids will have the opportunity to come to school in their costumes and show it off to their parents during our Halloween parade. Parents are welcomed to come and take pictures with their child.  We are excited for all the fun things happening in October!


Niles Halloween Parade 2016

Procedure of the parade:
1. The children will come out from their classroom on their scheduled time.
2. The children will parade twice around the bike area in the playground.
3. The teachers will accompany their children in going back to the classroom.

Waiting area of the parents: By the playground fences.
Before the Parade:
• Children will wear costumes that have a positive theme. Costumes that are offensive, scary, or depict violence and/or appropriate images will not be allowed. Children may NOT bring toy weapons such as knives and swords. Masks may only be worn for the parade, and must not obstruct the child’s vision. No superheroes.
• The children will stay in the classroom until their turn to come out for the parade.
During the Parade:
• The parents will watch or take pictures of their children by the fence.
• We will also take pictures of children with Facebook and photo consent, which will be posted in our Facebook.
After the parade:
• Inform your child’s teacher and check your child out from the front desk if you wish to take your child home after the event.
• The children will be back to their regular schedule and may take home their Halloween special project at the end of the day.niles-halloween-parade

First Parade: The children in rooms 2,3,4,5,6 will parade on Thursday, October 27th around the bike area in the playground.
Second Parade: The children in rooms 7,8,9,10 will parade on Friday, October 28th around the bike area in the playground.

Thursday, October 27th – Halloween Day Parade
Room 2 9: 30-9:50 A.M.
Room 3 9:50-10:10 A.M.
Room 4 10:10-10:30A.M.
Room 5 10:30-10:50 A.M.
Room 6 10:50-11:10 A.M.

October 28th, 2016 -Halloween Day Parade
Room 7 9:30-9:50 A.M.
Room 8 9:50-10:10 A.M.
Room 9 10:10-10:30 A.M.
Room 10 10:30-10:50 A.M.

Stop, Drop, & Roll…

NILES Parents/Guardians,

This is just a friendly reminder that on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, Niles will be practicing a Fire Drill promptly at 10:30 AM. Parents are welcome to park on the street. Please also remember to sign in if you your child arrives during this time. Practicing emergency evacuations are very important so please make sure to drop your child off on time to ensure your child’s participation.

Our drills also give us an opportunity to test out our alarm systems. The teachers regularly talk to the children regarding the importance of these monthly safety drills and also prepare them for the loud siren that emanates from our alarm systems during the drill.

What Happens? In the event of an emergency we will exit the building, line the children up outside of the school, and take attendance. Our school is always equipped with food, water, emergency kits and equipment. Fire drills/earthquake drills are practiced on a monthly basis to prepare children and staff for a safe exit in the event of an emergency. It is important that you keep all personal information updated (phone numbers and address).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let the front desk know.

We thank you for your cooperation and support. Have a wonderful day!

Parking Lot Safety!

Dear LAPMS-Niles Parents,

In an effort to keep our parking lot safe and efficient we would like to encourage everyone to please be extra cautious and courteous to other drivers when parking, backing up, etc. Also, please be aware that we have children and pedestrians passing through so please try to maintain a slow speed when driving through the parking lot. We would like to kindly ask all parents not to linger in the parking lot after picking up their child(ren) and to park within the lines due to the limited parking spaces.

Here are a few safety tips that drivers should observe when dropping children off at school and picking them up:
• Obey the speed limit and traffic rules
• Park in designated areas only. DO NOT PARK IN THE DISABLED PARKING SPOT, unless you have a disabled parking permit.
• Obey the school’s drop-off and pick up rules
• Be courteous to other drivers
• Remind students to look both ways in the parking lot, even though it is not a street.
• Please make sure that your child is by your side at all times in the parking lot. DO NOT allow children to run in the parking lot.
• Do not leave your older or younger children in the car without any adult supervision. Please bring them inside as you are picking up/dropping off your child.
• The parking lot closes promptly at 6:30 pm and for the safety of you and your child, please do not allow your child to run or play around in the parking lot
• Make sure to hold your child’s hand in the parking lot and drop off your child inside the classroom.

Hello September

Welcome to September!

Where has the time gone? We are so excited to  start our new Academic Year. We have so many fun activities planned for our children. To start this month we are welcoming all of our parents to back to school night. This is a great opportunity to come and see what your child learns and ask any questions regarding the Montessori Curriculum. Its also an excellent time to meet your childs head teacher as well.  We are looking forward to the Academic School Year and the fun activities!