Procedure of the parade:
1. The children will come out from their classroom on their scheduled time.
2. The children will parade twice around the bike area in the playground.
3. The teachers will accompany their children in going back to the classroom.

Waiting area of the parents: By the playground fences.
Before the Parade:
• Children will wear costumes that have a positive theme. Costumes that are offensive, scary, or depict violence and/or appropriate images will not be allowed. Children may NOT bring toy weapons such as knives and swords. Masks may only be worn for the parade, and must not obstruct the child’s vision. No superheroes.
• The children will stay in the classroom until their turn to come out for the parade.
During the Parade:
• The parents will watch or take pictures of their children by the fence.
• We will also take pictures of children with Facebook and photo consent, which will be posted in our Facebook.
After the parade:
• Inform your child’s teacher and check your child out from the front desk if you wish to take your child home after the event.
• The children will be back to their regular schedule and may take home their Halloween special project at the end of the day.niles-halloween-parade