Monthly Archives: October 2016


November is the month to give thanks and appreciate what we have.  Here at LAPMS Irvington, we are very thankful for all the children who inspire and give us joy every day. To our amazing parents who give us never-ending support and to our lovely teachers who give their 100% commitment towards the children.

This month we are going to have our first Parent Teacher Conference wherein the child’s teacher and parents talk about the child’s progress. 

Pumpkin Patch & Halloween Parade

Procedure of the parade:

  1. The children will come out from their classroom on their scheduled time.
  2. The children will parade in a designated area in the parking lot.
  3. The children will get to pick/choose their own pumpkins.
  4. The children will be taken pictures in our photo booth corner.
  5. Teachers will accompany their children in going back to the classroom.

Before the Parade:

  • Children will wear costumes that have a positive theme. Example: Community Helpers costumes. No super-hero. Costumes that are offensive, scary, or depict violence and /or inappropriate images will not be allowed. Children may NOT bring toy weapons such as knives and swords. Masks are not allowed.

During the Parade:

  • Parents may watch or take pictures of their children on a designated area.
  • We will also take pictures of children with Facebook and photo consent, which will be posted in our Facebook.

After the Parade:

  • Inform your child’s teacher and check your child out from the front desk if you wish to take your child home after the event.
  • The children will be back to their regular schedule and children will decorate their pumpkins during art time.
  • The children may take home their Halloween special project and their decorated pumpkin at the end of the day.