Improvements at Niles

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We, at LAPMS Niles, are constantly working on achieving our school goals and review yearly on the accomplishments and developments for the good benefits of our families, friends and the community.
The following are the developments and improvements in all aspects of education:
Health and Safety/security of our children
We are proud to have made the following improvements in 2015:
• We installed a new playground fence to cover more secluded area which has increased safety and allowed for closer teacher supervision, allowing the children to enjoy and have fun during their playtime.
• We have provided new play tools and equipment to provide more opportunities for the children’s development of their physical strength, coordination, balance and other essential life skills.
• We upgraded existing security cameras to high-definition camera systems.
• Installed new trash enclosure to maintain a healthy and clean environment and to ensure there is a runway container outside.
• We have also started repainting the school kitchen and to continue painting with the other rooms.

As we begin the New Year in 2016, we continue our mission to continue finding ways to improve our school. This year, we have ordered new bikes to provide opportunities to all children to widen their experience in exercising their muscles and focusing on using more of their senses.

Academic Excellence
We are making steps to promote science and technology in the classrooms! Last year, students have been using the computer, the microscope and other science artifacts and materials to reinforce lessons in the classroom.
This New Year, we are excited about the following developments in the curriculum:
• We have ordered a new teacher computer for research work, worksheets and classroom presentations. LAPMS Niles will continue improving our curriculum on all subject areas. Science and Technology in the classroom will continue to flourish to prepare our children for the next level especially for our Kindergarteners.
• The Library Center for teacher resources will open this month! Teachers will have access to storybooks, resource books, manuals, CDs and videos to support the curriculum!

Nurturing Environment
We value your feedback in creating the best possible environment for your child to learn and grow. Last year we installed a Google tablet for your reviews which would help us know your experience and suggestions to better serve the needs of our children and their families.

Classroom Modifications, Update Programs, and Events
Each year we do school performance review by reviewing our indicators in having a high-quality preschool and we use this for developing and improving education process.
Good communication and partnership between the school and the family is vital in exceeding our goals each year. Your feedback is very important to us.
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