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August Guidelines at Niles !

This month of August at Niles, we continue to welcome parent volunteers to join us for a class presentation by scheduling the date and time with your child’s teacher.  Class presentation is always an important time to connect with the children at school.   They love to see their parents teaching and sharing their talents.

Here is a list of the special events coming up in the month of August:

• August 7-11: Human Anatomy: The children continue to study human anatomy and its functions.  This week they focus on Circulatory System and the Respiratory System.  There are booklets and other projects that they will take home about blood circulation and the process of respiration.

• August 14- 18: (Last week of the Summer Program): Human Anatomy:  The children will learn how to take care of their body and the healthy foods to build strong bones as well as healthy mind and body.

• August 21-30: School Days – Teacher’s Preparation of the Classroom:  The children will be making arts and crafts, and projects that relate to human anatomy. Class schedule will continue as normal.

• August 31: Dr. Maria Montessori’s Birthday

July Event Guidelines

Dear Niles Parents,

This July is the month to celebrate with pride, independence and pageantry with our children.  During cultural studies, the children continue to learn about the human body and how it works. Our teachers have prepared educational games and activities that are intertwined with our summer curriculum.  Included in the summer curriculum is community helpers.  The children will study the roles and responsibilities of our community helpers. They will also go over what tools they use to do their work and how these tools are used when needed.  We salute all community helpers for serving us and attending to our needs. Thank you parent volunteers for sharing your knowledge with our children. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to schedule a class presentation.

July 4: Independence Day:  No School: This July the children will learn the history of independence and how it is celebrated by many people across the nation.  The children will be making Fourth of July wands, cards and many other projects and games to celebrate Independence Day.

July 18: Tuesday, Fire Drill: Practicing disaster drills is very important for the children to practice what to do in case there is an emergency while they are at school.

July 21: Parent Appreciation Day: Parents and guardians play varied roles to the lives of our children.  We at Niles warmly greet all parents and guardians for bringing their children to our school.  The children will make cards for their parents or guardians for this special day.

July 23: Parent’s Day, Sunday: Happy Parents’ Day to all parents and guardians.

June !

June is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating all of our special events of the month, including the start of our Summer Curriculum! Please feel free to read below for a schedule of our events for the month of June:
June 1: Kindergarten Graduation – 10:00am in the courtyard:  All children in classroom 2 (Kindergarteners and Pre-K) and the Kindergarten children in room 3 will participate in the Graduation ceremony. However, only the kindergarten participants – who were 5 years old as of September 1, 2016 – will be wearing a cap and gown during the ceremony. Kindergarteners will receive a “Certificate of Achievement”, and Pre-K children will receive a “Certificate of Participation.” Class portfolios will also be distributed to all Room 2 children and to the Kindergarteners in Room 3 on this special event. Classroom 2 and 3 teachers are available to answer any questions.
June 5-9: Teacher’s Prep for Summer curriculum: The teachers will prepare the classroom for the summer program.  Children will enjoy educational activities aligned with the themes of the month. The classroom schedule will remain the same.
June 5:  End-of- the- year celebration in the classroom:  The children in rooms 4, 5 and 6 will receive a “Certificate of Participation” and the school year portfolio at the end of the day.
June 6:  End-of-the-year celebration in the classroom: The children in rooms 7, 8, 9, and 10 will celebrate the end of the school year. Classroom 7 students will receive their portfolios at the end of the day.
June 12: Summer Program begins:  Our summer curriculum focuses on the study of the human body and how it works. We welcome parents to come for a class presentation about the human body or a topic on community helpers such as dentists, policemen, nutritionists, doctors, librarians, firemen and many others. The classroom materials and activities will be aligned with the themes of the month.  The curriculum content and themes of study will be posted in your child’s classroom. Our summer program will end on August 18, 2017.
June 16:  Father’s Day Breakfast in the courtyard:  All of our LAPMS Fathers are welcome to celebrate Father’s Day with us in the courtyard from 8:00-10:00 in the morning.
June 27: Fire Drill at 10:30am
Please speak with the front desk for any questions and concerns. We appreciate your continued support in all of our school events. 


Thank you !

Dear Niles Parents and Families,

Thank you for making Teacher Appreciation Week so very special for us.  Your kindness and generosity made us feel so wonderful and made the whole week very memorable.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, thoughtful messages, and kind gifts that you have showered upon all of us.  Your support is truly an inspiration.

Every day, we continue working towards our goal to guide, nurture, and provide wonderful opportunities and experiences to all children at LAPMS.

Thank you for being a part of the LAPMS family

Spring is in the Air.


Spring is in full bloom this April! Along with the breeze comes the scent of freshly-cut grass and the warmth and promise of summer vacations, backyard barbecues, and outdoor fun. April is a busy month for all LAPMS students. Classrooms at Niles are buzzing with purposeful work—from toddler children working on building words to pre-K children enjoying gardening and other springtime science activities to Kindergartens preparing for graduation in June. It is a time of reaping the fruits of work so patiently planted like tiny seeds at the beginning of the school year. Parent-Teacher Conference Days begin on April 3rd! It is a golden opportunity to speak with your child’s teacher to communicate any concerns and questions. Page 2 of this newsletter contains the Parent-Teacher Conference schedule. As always, thank you for helping us in improving the quality of education for our children.

Happy Spring!

Practicing for a Fire Drill.

March 15th we will be practicing a Fire Drill at 10:30 am. Practicing emergency evacuations is very important so please make sure to drop your child off on time to ensure their participation. Fire/earthquake drills are practiced on a monthly basis to prepare children and staff for a safe exit in the event of an emergency. It is important that you keep all personal information updated (phone numbers and address).

February Event Guidelines!

February Event Guidelines

  • Thursday, February 2:  Groundhog Day:  Announcing whether a groundhog sees its shadow after it emerges from its burrow.  In cultural studies, the children will learn the history or origin of groundhog day.  They will also learn its significance to weather or  seasons and even to people.

Image result for groundhog day clipart

  • Friday, February 3: Student’s 100th Day at school:  In cultural studies, the children will learn the history of numbers, digits and counting.  The children will enjoy projects in any of the subject areas related to the number 100. These projects will be displayed in your child’s classroom. Image result for 100 days of school clipart
  • Tuesday, February 14:  Valentine’s Day Celebration: The children will create Valentine’s Day art projects for their families or friends.  There will be educational and fun materials in the shelves associated with Valentine’s Day. Image result for valentines clipart
  • Monday, February 20: President’s Day, No School: (Before this day, the children will be learning about the significance of President’s Day and making projects related to this national holiday.Image result for presidents day clipart
  • Monday, February 27:  Montessori Week Begins:  LAPMS will celebrate Montessori Week from February 27- March 3, 2017 in honor of the 109th anniversary of Montessori Education.  A variety of Montessori peace lessons and activities will be presented and studied that promote respect for children and awareness of the Montessori method. These include Montessori Moment of Peace, Peace Tables, Friendship Flower Activities and much more.  The children will create booklets about the life and works of Maria Montessori.Image result for montessori clipart