Kindergarten Graduation!

Happy Graduation Day!

It was wonderful seeing the parents, families and friends celebrating this memorable moment of our children’s lives. Celebrating a graduation is a golden opportunity to recognize the efforts of our children in coming to school, the time of the teachers to share the gift of wisdom and the outstanding work of our parents in working with their children and supporting them in every step of the way.

The room 2 graduation this morning reminds me of people who have touched my life. Looking into the crowd of parents and families and seeing them sitting with their smiles and applauds, taking pictures, enjoying watching their children sing, pinning ribbons and receiving certificates are moments of cheer and happiness we all should be proud of.

In behalf of LAPMS Niles administration and staff, I would like to say thank you for being a part of this big family. The special gift of your presence and acknowledgement is very much appreciated! Thank you for being a part of our graduation celebration!

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