Parent Observation Days!

Our Parent Observation Days will start tomorrow, Friday, April 1st until Tuesday, April 5th.   Observation lasts for half an hour or less with a maximum of four slots or four adults.  Sign-up sheet is available in your child’s classroom.  Please be punctual on your scheduled observation time.  We ask that you observe quietly, outside of the activity area and write your observations that will be discussed in the Parent-Teacher Conferences.


Parent-Teacher Conferences will follow after the Parent Observation Days.  Classrooms 6 -10 Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled in May.  The child’s progress report will be discussed and provided in the conference.  The schedule and sign-up sheet are also available in your child’s classroom.


April 7 and 8——-Room 2

April 11 and 12—-Room 3

April 13 and 14—-Room 4

April 15 and 18—-Room 5


Please speak with me or the front desk for your questions and concerns.  Have a wonderful day!

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